Funds Management Software

At Titanium we believe the right software can be the cornerstone of your operation. Managing an investment registry can be a complex task, requiring you to meet several challenges head-on. These include:

  • Dealing with “Big Data” efficiently

  • Meeting compliance and regulation requirements like AMIT, AIIR, FATCA, CRS, GS007, RG97 and TMD.

  • Providing regular reporting to stakeholders

  • Ensuring customer service expectations are being met.

Unitise Funds Management Software does all of this and more in an easy-to-use platform. Host your database on your own server tenancy or let us assist in setting up a cloud-based solution. Either way, you will have secure access from any device anywhere.

We specialise in migrating funds currently operating on spreadsheets and managed funds currently outsourcing looking to return to in-house management.

Unitise is highly scalable and well suited to:

  • Property Trusts and Syndicates

  • Cash Management Funds

  • Contributory and Pooled Mortgage Funds

  • Equity Funds

  • Market Linked Investments

  • Fixed Income Funds

  • Any other type of unlisted security.

Download our Product Guide below for a detailed view of Unitise along with sample reports and database structure.


Online Investor / Advisor Portal

Our Investor Portal allows your investors, advisers and brokers to conveniently view and manage their investments online.

Offered as a completely white-labelled product, we're able to incorporate your branding into the portal to ensure it fits well within your existing website while installing it so that it is accessible from (or the like).

  • Access one or multiple investments concurrently

  • View/Update contact details

  • View Unit Transactions

  • View Distributions, Tax Withholding and Payments

  • Download relevant periodic statements in PDF

  • Access registry forms

  • Customisable Privacy Policy and Disclaimer


Digital Investor Onboarding

The landscape has changed and investors are increasingly expecting a digitally streamlined experience towards onboarding. Our comprehensive solution is designed to give your fund a competitive edge, providing efficient online applications in both retail and wholesale environments. Application data is processed straight-through to Unitise for approval, reducing the load placed on your admin staff and ultimately reducing operational costs while also reducing the potential for transpositional errors and omissions.

Real-time AML/KYC verification is seamlessly integrated, providing immediate results and eliminating the need for investors to provide certified copies of their identity documents.

Applicate is highly scalable and allows for:

  • Multiple opportunities to the market at once

  • New investor applications and existing investor top-ups

  • Out-of-the-box AML/KYC compliance

  • Electronic ID Verification

  • Digital capture of Section 708 Wholesale Investor Certificates

  • Target Market Determination for retail investors

  • Flexible correspondence definitions

  • Customisable declarations to suit your business

  • Digital signature capture using touchscreen devices

  • Downloading/printing of app form specifics