Our Team

We are a tight-knit team of analysts, developers, and business professionals with a drive towards excellence. We take pride in what we do and are strong advocates towards collaboration, continually sharing ideas to find ways to lead the industry.

As a private organisation with no outsourced operations in place, our support team is physically located in Australia to ensure that we can provide a level of service above and beyond expectations. To find out more about our management and key executives, please see the profiles below.

Our People

Nick Namini

Managing Director

As the founding software developer with over 17 years of fintech experience, Nick has an intrinsic understanding of all facets of the business, overseeing operations while providing an entrepreneurial vision for the future. Nick is an example of how persistence leads to success, having overcome obstacles most would have found insurmountable.

Michael Brown

Lead Software Analyst

Michael heads our software analysis, design, development, deployment, support and maintenance operation, leading the team through a dynamic list of ever-changing software requirements at a fast pace. A talented problem solver, Michael is able to see things from both a macro and micro perspective with the necessary foresight to ensure a successful outcome.

Mitchel Kay

Business Solutions

Mitchel is our solutions expert, leading our sales and marketing effort towards client onboarding processes while simultaneously managing existing client relationships. He is best placed to showcase our value proposition and demonstrate how our products and services can meet your needs. With a background in finance and investments, Mitchel is an experienced professional to meet with whenever needed.

Ruben Fredriksson

Software Dev & Onboarding

Ruben is our client onboarding specialist from a technical perspective, managing the hundreds of steps involved with software implementation processes towards client success and handover. In addition, Ruben is a highly competent full-stack software developer, handling development, testing, deployment and support operations.

Andrew Mckinstry

Software Dev & Training

Andrew has a strong background in client support services and can be relied upon whenever your team needs training on software usage and best practices. Astute with graphical user interfaces, Andrew is also a highly competent full-stack software developer, handling development, testing, deployment and support operations.

Keanu Manson

Software Development

Keanu represents the next generation of software developers for the business, exhibiting a level of maturity and capability beyond expectation. Starting with us in 2022, Keanu quickly proved himself as a strong performer, taking responsibility for ongoing software development, testing, deployment and support services for some of our industry leading clients.

Sandy Uhlenhopp

Accounts Administration

Sandy is tasked with the all-important role of administering our accounts, maintaining records, producing periodic reports, processing payroll and other payments as well as keeping the bank accounts reconciled. She has capitalised on efficiencies by working with the team to develop a tailored, in-house accounting solution that meets the unique demands of the business while allowing for better scalability.